Time to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes

Recently, the CEO of Apple testified before Congress about his company’s tax dodging. From 2009-2012, Apple stored almost $74 billion offshore, money virtually untaxed thanks to the use of Irish subsidiaries.

Social Security Works for Maine

MPA Celebrates Program’s Continued Success on 78th Anniversary
On the 78th anniversary of the creation of Social Security, the Maine People’s Alliance released a report detailing the importance of the program to Maine and called on the state’s Congressional delegation to continue to support and invest in the program.

Poll: Voters in Maine Show Broad Support for Immigration Reform

Public backs elected officials who vote for Senate immigration bill
As debate on the bipartisan immigration bill gets underway in the Senate, the Maine People’s Alliance, joined by the Maine Chamber of Commerce and the Maine AFL-CIO, released the results of a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling showing overwhelming public support for comprehensive immigration reform in Maine.

Maine Mothers, Children Visit Sen. Collins in Support of Immigration Reform

Mother’s Day event reminder of need for legislation that keeps families together

Maine mothers and their children visited the office of Senator Collins in Portland to deliver a crucial message to Maine’s Senior Senator: No mother in this country should have to worry about having her family torn apart by our broken immigration system.

Portland Rally Shows Growing Consensus For Immigration Reform

Maine Chamber of Commerce, Unions United in Call for Comprehensive Immigration Legislation

On Wednesday, immigrants, community leaders and representatives from Maine labor and business organizations gathered on the steps of the First Parish Church in Portland to call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Mainers Deliver Petitions to Sens. Collins, King Urging Support for Immigration Reform


Members of the Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) delivered more than 600 petition signatures to Senators Collins and King urging them to support comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million people. Their message to the Senators is simple: now is the time for leadership.

Maine Immigrant Groups ask Sen. Collins, King to Support Immigration Reform

Preparations Begin for May 1st immigration Reform Rally

A coalition of Maine-based immigrant rights groups submitted a letter to Senators Collins and King today urging them to take active leadership in passing comprehensive immigration reform. Their message to the Senators is simple: the nation’s immigration system is broken.

MPA Statement on Budget Deal


The "fiscal cliff" was a political creation that treated foundational programs like unemployment insurance and Social Security - programs many Mainers depend upon for survival - as political bargaining chips. Our members spoke up loudly to demand an end to the Bush tax cuts on earned income above $250,000/year, and MPA members were vocal about the need to protect and strengthen programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Over the past two months, thousands of Mainers took action with MPA to support these common-sense budget solutions.

Mainers Have Spoken on Tax Fairness

Talking Taxes

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