About MPA

With more than 32,000 members across Maine, MPA is the state's largest community action organization.

Over the past three decades, MPA has worked to build a powerful statewide grassroots movement for progressive social change, serving as a leader in state campaigns for expanded health care access, toxics use reduction, affordable housing, universal home care, clean elections reform, racial justice, immigrant rights, a higher minimum wage and tax fairness, among others.

MPA is dedicated to providing Maine people with the tools, knowledge, skills and opportunity to become involved in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

For questions about MPA programs, please contact MPA Co-Directors:
Jesse Graham
Amy Halsted

For press inquiries, please contact MPA Communications Director:
Mike Tipping

For questions about your donation to MPA, please contact MPA Office Manager:
Melissa Urey

For questions about how you can get involved, please contact MPA Organizing Director:
Jennie Pirkl

For questions about our door-to-door or phone canvasses, please contact MPA Field Strategy Director:
Bridget Surber


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