Rep. Poliquin Has Chance to Support Pay Day Lending Rules

As part of a nation-wide day of action, the Maine People's Alliance today called on newly-elected Congressman Bruce Poliquin to take a stand for the millions of Americans trapped in a cycle of debt by short term, high-interest "payday"loans by supporting new rules reigning in predatory lending practices.

Federal Updates - Immigration Reform; More Budget Cuts

If you’re wondering how to tell that it’s an election year for the House of Representatives, look no further than the de facto understanding out of Washington that no substantial legislation will move

forward in 2014. As elected officials, particularly those in contested races, look to hunker down and ride out the year MPA’s work becomes that much more important. It’s the job of MPA members to hold legislators responsible on issues of social and economic justice and to use 2014 as a chance to distinguish between champions for change and those who are content with the status quo.

MPA members to Sen. Collins: Expand Social Security

On Thursday, members of the Maine People’s Alliance visited the Bangor office of Senator Susan Collins to deliver petition signatures from Mainers across the state asking her to sign on to a bill to protect and expand Social Security.

L-A Residents Offer Shutdown Impact Tour

On Wednesday, Lewiston-Auburn residents conducted a walking tour of different locations in downtown Lewiston to detail the effect a prolonged government shutdown is having on various programs that provide vital services to veterans, the elderly, and low-income Mainers.

Bake Sales Protest Supreme Court Case

Members of the Maine People’s Alliance held bake sales at locations across the state today to call attention to an important Supreme Court case and the corrosive influence of wealthy, out-of-state donors on Maine politics

MPA to Host Journalist and Author John Nichols in Bangor

The Nation’s political correspondent will discuss latest book on the influence of money in politics

Tomorrow, Friday, October 4th, noted journalist and author John Nichols will be in Bangor for an engaging talk around his latest book Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America.

Maine’s Economy Isn’t Working

On the heels of new census data released this week, the Maine People's Alliance and the Coalition on Human Needs have released a report that shows that Maine’s working class is continuing to struggle in a sluggish economy burdened by federal budget cuts and congressional inaction.

Congress: Stop Attacks on SNAP

With Congress scheduled to vote this week on legislation making deep cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); Mainers who depend on food assistance to feed their families and advocates for the program urged lawmakers today to end corporate tax loopholes as an alternative to the cuts.

A Hidden Unfair Tax Benefit for the Wealthy

As a part of our Fair Share campaign to ensure that our elected officials support an economy that works for everyone, the Maine People’s Alliance is getting involved in the fight to reform the mortgage interest deduction (MID), a program that was designed to assist middle-class families, but has been twisted to disproportionately help the wealthy.

MPA Members Fill Bus to D.C., Push Back Against Wall Street

Nearly 50 MPA members traveled over twelve hours on a bus to attend the National People’s Action (NPA) conference in Washington, D.C. this April. The conference included a packed schedule of trainings, direct actions, and Capitol Hill visits with Congressional staff and members of Congress.