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Retirement Security: Vital for an Aging Maine

Maine is the oldest state in the nation. How we approach the needs and contributions of the over-65 population will significantly affect the future of Maine’s communities and economy. At a recent gathering of the statewide Maine Council on Aging, activists and advocates discussed opportunities to make sure Maine takes advantage of the state’s aging population and can count it as an asset rather than a detriment for the state.

Rep. Michaud Talks Retirement Security with Lewiston Residents

In an effort to cut through the rhetoric around retirement security, Congressman Mike Michaud joined retirement security advocates and residents from the Lewiston-Auburn area to hear about the importance of programs like Social Security and Medicare in the lives of constituents.

MPA members to Sen. Collins: Expand Social Security

On Thursday, members of the Maine People’s Alliance visited the Bangor office of Senator Susan Collins to deliver petition signatures from Mainers across the state asking her to sign on to a bill to protect and expand Social Security.

L-A Residents Offer Shutdown Impact Tour

On Wednesday, Lewiston-Auburn residents conducted a walking tour of different locations in downtown Lewiston to detail the effect a prolonged government shutdown is having on various programs that provide vital services to veterans, the elderly, and low-income Mainers.

Time to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes

Recently, the CEO of Apple testified before Congress about his company’s tax dodging. From 2009-2012, Apple stored almost $74 billion offshore, money virtually untaxed thanks to the use of Irish subsidiaries.

Grassroots Ambassadors: “Social Security: Going Strong!”

Quick quiz: how much money does Social Security have in the trust fund? And how much money is diverted each year from the federal budget to fund Social Security? And one more, for good measure: how many times has Social Security missed a payment?

Social Security Works for Maine

MPA Celebrates Program’s Continued Success on 78th Anniversary
On the 78th anniversary of the creation of Social Security, the Maine People’s Alliance released a report detailing the importance of the program to Maine and called on the state’s Congressional delegation to continue to support and invest in the program.

Mainers Have Spoken on Tax Fairness

New Poll Shows Continued Support for Ending Tax Breaks For Wealthy

Two-thirds of voters (67%) say "making the tax system more fair" was a "very" or "fairly important consideration in making [their] voting decisions this year," according to a new poll released today by Hart Research Associates on behalf of Americans for Tax Fairness.

Poll Shows Support For Expanding Social Security


MPA recently released the results of a public opinion survey question commissioned through the Maine People's Resource Center on a proposal to give people credit for work done caring for children and family members with disabilities when calculating their Social Security benefits. 67.5% of those surveyed favored the idea, with 38.7% expressing strong support for the proposal and only 10.6% strongly opposed. The poll of 475 likely voters has a margin of error of 4.5%, 95 times out of 100.