A Responsible Solution

Should we cut health care services for more than a hundred thousand Mainers, including seniors, the poor, people with disabilities and children?

Or, should we cancel the new tax cuts for the rich, make sure the 1% pay their fair share and invest in quality care that will cost us less and keep Maine healthier?

More than 2,700 of you have already spoken out, asking the legislature to do the right thing and reject Governor LePage's extreme health care cuts.

Now, the Maine People's Alliance, the Maine Medical Association, the Catholic Church, the Maine Small Business Coalition and others have come together to offer a specific alternative – a responsible solution for a moral budget. See the details here.

If you haven't yet sent a message to the legislature asking them to make the right choice, you can do so right now, right here.

The Maine legislature will soon decide whether to cut care for people who need help or cancel tax breaks for those who don't.

Please make sure they do the right thing.