Health Care

The Maine People's Alliance believes health care is a right. MPA fights for quality, affordable health care for all Mainers and supports a universal, single-payer health care system.

Mainers deliver signatures to launch health care referendum

Health care advocates delivered more than 67,000 signatures to the Secretary of State today to place a referendum on the ballot to expand Medicaid coverage in Maine. The petitions pave the way for a public vote on accepting federal funding to cover tens of thousands of Mainers who currently can't afford health insurance but have been denied coverage through Medicaid.

Mainers Protest Gov. LePage's "Pot of Gold" for the Wealthy

More than a hundred Mainers from across the state gathered in Augusta today to protest the priorities of Governor Paul LePage’s budget proposal, which contains large tax cuts that predominately benefit the wealthy, paid for in part through cuts to education, health care and other vital program

November Election Will Determine Health Care Access

One of MPA’s most important areas of focus over the past year has been working to convince just a few more Republican legislators to vote in favor of accepting the federal funds made available through the Affordable Care Act to provide MaineCare to 70,000 Maine people.

Last summer, after reflecting upon MPA’s work in the previous session, members decided to change the way MPA was approaching the campaign. It was decided to bring the stories of real people to the forefront and change the conversation from one about money and jobs to one about human rights and the impact on people.

Health Care Expansion Fight Heats Up

The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, set aside federal funds to cover more people through Medicaid (MaineCare) in each state. These funds are meant to cover 100% of the new costs through 2016, and then taper off to a permanent rate of 90% coverage from 2020 forward. The Supreme Court decision in 2012 upheld the law, but struck down the provision that required states to expand their Medicaid programs, making it an opt-in program.

MPA Statement on Veto Override Day

"Today the Maine Legislature reconvenes to address some of the record number of vetoes issued by Governor Paul LePage.

The question today isn't where LePage stands. He has already chosen extreme ideology over common sense on a number of critical issues for Maine people. The question is whether Republican legislators will stand with him."

MPA Members Kick Off MaineCare Accountability Campaign

Maine People's Alliance members went door to door in neighborhoods in Brewer today to talk with voters about the campaign to accept the federal funds to expand health care to 70,000 Maine people and asked residents to contact their state Senator, Edward Youngblood, and urge him to vote to override the Governor’s expected veto of the bill.

Faces of MaineCare - Living on the Edge

Jedidiah, who lives in Lewiston, lost his MaineCare because Governor LePage refuses to accept the federal funds to expand health care. Without access to critical medication and counseling for his mental illness, Jed worries about what happens next.

Jed is one of 70,000 Mainers being denied access to health care. It's time for our lawmakers to make this right.



Faces of MaineCare - Running Out of Time

Peter, a part-time worker from Ellsworth, has a blood clot which requires weekly tests and medication. He lost his MaineCare in December because Governor LePage refuses to accept the federal funding to expand health care. Peter fears that without the medication and weekly blood tests, he will end up back in the hospital.

Peter is just one of almost 70,000 Mainers who are being denied access to health care by Governor LePage. It's time for our legislators to make this right.


7,000 Petitions

Members of the Maine People's Alliance delivered more than 7,000 petitions and hundreds of postcards and personal messages to the Maine House and Senate today urging legislators to accept federal funding to expand health care coverage.