Start a town resolution

Towns all across the state will be hit hard by the LePage budget unless we let lawmakers in Augusta know that they need to find another way. Having your town pass a resolution calling on lawmakers to reject the LePage budget is the best way to get their attention. When every town in Maine rejects property tax increases to offset unfair tax breaks for the wealthy, Augusta will get the message.

View the full map and list of towns here.

Is your town on the map? If not, help us get it up there!  Click here to sign up to help pass a resolution in your town and let us know you're interested in getting your town on the map.


Here are some helpful documents on the state budget and revenue:

A Sample School Board Resolution

The Governor's Biennial Budget

An Analysis of the Biennial Budget

Maine Revenue Service Analysis of State Taxes

A Report on Maine's Revenue Crises

A Study on How Tax Loophole Abuse Affects Maine