Mainers Deliver Petitions to Sens. Collins, King Urging Support for Immigration Reform


Members of the Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) delivered more than 600 petition signatures to Senators Collins and King urging them to support comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million people. Their message to the Senators is simple: now is the time for leadership.

Maine Immigrant Groups ask Sen. Collins, King to Support Immigration Reform

Preparations Begin for May 1st immigration Reform Rally

A coalition of Maine-based immigrant rights groups submitted a letter to Senators Collins and King today urging them to take active leadership in passing comprehensive immigration reform. Their message to the Senators is simple: the nation’s immigration system is broken.

Macdonald and Lewiston

Community leaders, elected officials and local members of the Maine People's Alliance gathered today at City Hall in Lewiston to urge Mayor Robert Macdonald to apologize for a series of anti-immigrant and racially insensitive statements that they say have made him unfit to continue to serve as mayor.

Race Matters

In April, The Maine People’s Resource Center—MPA’s sister organization—released the Maine Racial Justice Policy Guide. It documents the racial disparities that Mainers of color face in education, health, and income, and offers an analysis the public policies that are likely to positively or negatively impact these disparities. It also shows how the growth of communities of color in Maine is essential for our economic future.


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