Just one year after Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) celebrated the first successful decade of Clean Elections in Maine, the 125th Legislature has contemplated seriously scaling back Maine’s first-in-the-nation law.

While efforts to repeal the law outright have failed, the legislature has dragged its feet on updating the law in the wake of a damaging U.S. Supreme Court decision.  That has left considerable uncertainty about how the program will work in the 2012 election cycle, currently underway.  

With the First Regular Session of the 125th Legislature now ended, supporters of the Maine Clean Election Act can breathe a sigh of relief. While not all of the news is good, the law withstood attacks both direct and indirect throughout the six and a half month long session. MPA is proud to be a member of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, who fought hard all winter and spring to protect Maine’s popular system to keep big money out of politics.

Next week, we anticipate that the Secretary of State will certify the signatures we've gathered for the People's Veto to protect voting rights. Together we will have officially gathered more valid signatures more quickly than has ever been done before by a grassroots campaign in Maine.

But this campaign is far from over and opponents of voting rights haven't been sitting on their hands.

While we've been gathering signatures and preparing for the campaign, they've launched a media blitz in local newspapers all over Maine.


On August 8th, the Maine People’s Alliance and a broad coalition of ally organizations delivered more than 68,000 signatures to the Maine Secretary of State, ensuring that a referendum to protect the right of Maine people to register on Election Day will be on the ballot this November.

Never before has a People’s Veto campaign succeeded in making the November ballot without hiring a professional petition gathering firm. From the beginning, the coalition decided to run a grassroots campaign focused on volunteer engagement. In the end, this incredible feat was accomplished through the hard work of more than 1,500 volunteers, representing every county and almost every town in Maine.

MPA and our allies have launched a People's Veto campaign to stop the attempt to eliminate same-day voter registration in Maine.

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