MPA Campaign Vote! 2020 Endorsements

This is an initial round of endorsements. Check back for more.

Below are candidates who hold the values most important to the membership of the Maine People's Alliance and who will fight for economic, environmental, political, racial, and social justice for all Maine people. They have been interviewed by local MPA members and have had their endorsements approved by our all-volunteer board.

This is a critical time. From recovering from the devastation caused by the pandemic to honoring the opportunity of this moment to address systemic racism, legislators elected this year have a unique responsibility to vote, act and lead based on progressive values.

We are proud to support these candidates as they seek to represent the people of Maine:

Maine House

  • HD6 Tiffany Roberts
  • HD13 Lori Gramlich
  • HD14 Donna Bailey
  • HD19 Patricia Kidder
  • HD27 Kyle Bailey
  • HD29 Shawn Babine
  • HD30 Rebecca Millett
  • HD31 Lois Reckitt
  • HD34 Morgan Rielly
  • HD35 Suzanne Salisbury
  • HD41 Samuel Zager
  • HD49 Fred Horch
  • HD51 Joyce McCreight
  • HD55 Seth Berry
  • HD56 Scott Gaiason
  • HD58 James Handy
  • HD59 Margaret Craven
  • HD60 Kristen Cloutier
  • HD62 Gina Melaragno
  • HD64 Bettyann Sheats
  • HD70 Nathan Burnett
  • HD71 Kenneth Morse
  • HD81 Tavis Hasenfus
  • HD83 Thomas Harnett
  • HD90 Lydia Crafts
  • HD94 Victoria Doudera
  • HD97 Janice Dodge
  • HD98 Scott Cuddy
  • HD114 Gregory Kimber
  • HD117 Savannah Sessions
  • HD120 Richard Evans
  • HD121 Megan Smith
  • HD126 Laura Supica
  • HD130 Nicola Delli Paoli
  • HD134 Genevieve McDonald

Maine Senate

  • SD9 Joseph Baldacci
  • SD12 David Miramant
  • SD13 Chloe Maxmin
  • SD17 Jan Collins
  • SD20 Ned Claxton
  • SD21 Nate Libby
  • SD27 Benjamin Chipman
  • SD30 Stacy Brenner

Read profiles of some of the endorsed candidates here.