MPA Announces Candidate Endorsements

Each election cycle, volunteers with Maine People's Alliance Campaign Vote! PAC evaluate candidates in state and federal races. Those endorsed by MPA Campaign Vote! have shown through their responses to questionnaires and interviews with MPA members that they support the values of community, fairness and investment in the future.

Today the Maine People's Alliance Campaign Vote! board announced endorsements in Maine House and Senate primary races. MPACV has endorsed Ralph Chapman of Brooksville for House District 133, Michelle Dunphy of Old Town for House District 122, and a dual endorsement of both Rebecca Cornell Du Houx and Donna Doore in House District 85.

For the Senate, MPACV has also endorsed Catherine Breen of Falmouth in Senate District 25.

“Each of these candidates has proven themselves as progressive leaders who will fight for a Maine where everyone has what they need, everyone contributes their fair share, and no one is left behind,” said MPA board member Sheryl Lee. “In Senate District 25, Cathy Breen best represents and articulates the shared values of the people of Maine. In particular, she is a champion for health care as a basic human right. She will fight to make sure that every family has a family doctor and every Mainer has access to the care they need.”

MPA Campaign Vote! primary candidate endorsements:

Catherine Breen in SD 25 ((Falmouth, Cumberland, Gray, Long Island, Westbrook and Yarmouth) 

Dual endorsement in HD 85 (Augusta) of both Rebecca Cornell Du Houx and Donna Doore. 

Michelle Dunphy in HD 122 (Old Town)

Ralph Chapman in HD 133 (Brooksville)