Christie & LePage Protest Highlights Corporate Contributions

Members of the Maine People’s Alliance held a protest today at a lunchtime fundraiser hosted by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on behalf of Governor Paul LePage. They picketed the Lewiston event in order to bring attention to the two governor’s deep ties to conservative corporate interests.

Protesters Greet Christie, LePage at RGA Fundraiser

MPA members picketed the fundraiser to call attention to the governors' connections with conservative big money donors Charles and David Koch.

LePage Should Return Contribution from Troubled Rides Broker

The Maine People’s Alliance today called on Governor Paul LePage to return a contribution to his election campaign from Logisticare, the Atlanta-based private broker that was given a $5.1 million contract to handle the MaineCare rides program in York County in August of last year and has since been engulfed in controversy for missed rides, a breakdown of the volunteer system they were meant to manage and other serious complaints.

Bake Sales Protest Supreme Court Case

Members of the Maine People’s Alliance held bake sales at locations across the state today to call attention to an important Supreme Court case and the corrosive influence of wealthy, out-of-state donors on Maine politics

MPA to Host Journalist and Author John Nichols in Bangor

The Nation’s political correspondent will discuss latest book on the influence of money in politics

Tomorrow, Friday, October 4th, noted journalist and author John Nichols will be in Bangor for an engaging talk around his latest book Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America.

MPA Releases Legislative Scorecard

Today the Maine People's Alliance released their scorecard for the first session of the 126th Maine Legislature.

The Corrosive Influence of Big Money in Maine Elections

The corrosive influence of wealthy interests in elections and government is an issue that underpins all of MPA’s campaigns.

Maine voters passed the Maine Clean Elections Act through referendum in 1996.  The program worked well during its first decade, with as many as 85% of elected members of the Maine House and Senate running and winning their seats as clean elections candidates in some years.

MPA Members Fill Bus to D.C., Push Back Against Wall Street

Nearly 50 MPA members traveled over twelve hours on a bus to attend the National People’s Action (NPA) conference in Washington, D.C. this April. The conference included a packed schedule of trainings, direct actions, and Capitol Hill visits with Congressional staff and members of Congress.

Michaud Best Hope to Replace LePage

Congressman Mike Michaud meeting with MPA board members this summerAs the 2014 campaign for Maine governor approaches, one question looms large in the minds of many members of the Maine People’s Alliance: How can we stop Governor Paul LePage?

MPA To Register 5,000 New Voters in 2012

The Maine People’s Alliance will work to register at least 5,000 new voters in 2012. Though voter turnout in a presidential election year is expected to be high, many of the Mainers who will be most affected by the issues MPA works to address aren’t registered to vote and therefore won’t make it to the polls to make their voices heard in November unless an effort is made to make sure they are registered and engaged.