Last year, activists from around the country, including MPA partner National People’s Action, won a big victory against predatory lenders. After months of public pressure, federal regulators finally cracked down on the big banks, forcing them to stop offering predatory payday products with hefty interest rates of more than 300 percent.

A new report authored by the Alliance for a Just Society and released today by the Maine People's Alliance evaluates the scope and consequences of rapidly increasing student debt in Maine and provides a window into the lives of Maine students and alumni facing large amounts of debt.

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The Maine People's Alliance hosted a press conference at Lamey Wellehan Shoes in Auburn today to release the latest in a series of reports authored by the national Alliance for a Just Society on the job gap – the divide between what Maine workers need to earn to afford basic necessities and what available jobs in Maine actually pay.

On Thursday, members of the Maine People’s Alliance visited the Bangor office of Senator Susan Collins to deliver petition signatures from Mainers across the state asking her to sign on to a bill to protect and expand Social Security.

"Today the Maine Legislature reconvenes to address some of the record number of vetoes issued by Governor Paul LePage.

The question today isn't where LePage stands. He has already chosen extreme ideology over common sense on a number of critical issues for Maine people. The question is whether Republican legislators will stand with him."

Accepting federal funds to expand health care coverage will create thousands of economy-boosting, living wage jobs in Maine, according to a report released today by the Alliance for a Just Society and the Maine People's Alliance. The report comes as the Maine Legislature continues discussion on MaineCare expansion.

On Wednesday, Lewiston-Auburn residents conducted a walking tour of different locations in downtown Lewiston to detail the effect a prolonged government shutdown is having on various programs that provide vital services to veterans, the elderly, and low-income Mainers.

On the heels of new census data released this week, the Maine People's Alliance and the Coalition on Human Needs have released a report that shows that Maine’s working class is continuing to struggle in a sluggish economy burdened by federal budget cuts and congressional inaction.

With Congress scheduled to vote this week on legislation making deep cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); Mainers who depend on food assistance to feed their families and advocates for the program urged lawmakers today to end corporate tax loopholes as an alternative to the cuts.

As a part of our Fair Share campaign to ensure that our elected officials support an economy that works for everyone, the Maine People’s Alliance is getting involved in the fight to reform the mortgage interest deduction (MID), a program that was designed to assist middle-class families, but has been twisted to disproportionately help the wealthy.