The Environment

The Environment

The Maine People’s Alliance advocates for responsible stewardship of our natural resources and a clean, toxic-free environment. MPA has fought to stop the spread of pollution at the former HoltraChem plant in Orrington and to hold corporate polluters responsible across the state, as well as working to make sure the products used by Maine people every day are safe for themselves, their children and their environment.

Clock is Ticking for DEP to Take Action on Toxic Phthalates

The Maine People’s Alliance continues to play an active role in the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine (ACHM), a coalition of environmental and public health groups working to ensure Maine’s children are protected from dangerous chemicals lurking in everyday products. This year, the coalition kicked off an aggressive grassroots campaign to force the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to take action on a set of chemicals called phthalates (pronounced thal-lates).

Court Hears MPA’s Decades-Long Penobscot River Pollution Case

The Maine People’s Alliance and the Natural Resources Defense Council commenced trial in federal district court June 3, 2014 to fight for cleanup of a toxic legacy left behind in Maine’s Penobscot River. For over three decades, the former HoltraChem plant in Orrington, Maine— owned and operated by the corporate predecessor of defendant Mallinckrodt US, LLC—had dumped an estimated six to twelve metric tons of mercury into the river. Mercury is a potent and persistent neurotoxin that is unsafe at even very low levels.

MPA, NRDC Return to Court to Fight for Penobscot River Cleanup; MPA Intervenes for Removal of Dangerous HoltraChem Landfill

On May 7th, lawyers representing the Maine People’s Alliance will return to Federal District Court to argue that corporate polluter Mallinckrodt US LLC should pay to clean up the highly-toxic mercury it dumped into the Penobscot River from the now-closed HoltraChem plant in Orrington. On February 11th, MPA appeared before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court to oppose Mallinckrodt’s effort to leave a dangerous leaking landfill in place at the HoltraChem plant site.

Experts: Penobscot River Profoundly Contaminated by Mercury Pollution

One week into the trial to determine whether Mallinckrodt should be held responsible for decades of mercury pollution along the Penobscot River, experts testified about the level and scope of contamination in the river.

Mainers Call on Mallinckrodt to Finally Clean Up Penobscot River

Concerned Mainers from up and down the Penobscot River Watershed gathered outside the federal courthouse in Bangor this morning to speak out publicly before the court convenes for a hearing on a lawsuit brought by the Maine People’s Alliance and the Natural Resources Defense Council as part of a 20-year legal fight to hold corporate polluter Mallinckrodt responsible for decades of mercury pollution.

Time to Clean Up the Penobscot River

After decades of working to ensure that corporate polluter Mallinckrodt LLC pay to clean up the highly-toxic mercury the company dumped into the Penobscot River from the now-closed HoltraChem plant in Orrington, MPA will return to court on June 3rd for one of the most important court decisions in this case.

MPA Statement on Veto Override Day

"Today the Maine Legislature reconvenes to address some of the record number of vetoes issued by Governor Paul LePage.

The question today isn't where LePage stands. He has already chosen extreme ideology over common sense on a number of critical issues for Maine people. The question is whether Republican legislators will stand with him."

Fight over Toxic Chemicals Continues Despite Industry Influence Over Blaine House

This legislative session saw some victories and some setbacks in the fight to protect Maine people from toxic chemicals.

Food Systems Matter to Maine

At the Maine People’s Alliance annual summer retreat this June, our staff and members spent a morning envisioning how we want Maine to look in 40 years. Large sheets of poster paper were handed out; we huddled together in small groups with magic markers in hand, and drew pictures illustrating how our society would look different. When we looked at the various illustrations afterward, the theme of sustainability was evident in many of the depictions.