MPA Calls on Secretary of State Charlie Summers to Resign

Organization Launches Petition Citing Conflict of Interest, History of Voter Intimidation 

"Charlie Summers should resign his position as Secretary of State," said Maine People's Alliance Executive Director Jesse Graham. "Summers should resign not just because of the conflict of interest inherent in overseeing his own election, but because of his history of voter intimidation and suppression." 

2012 Legislative Agenda

LD 1746: Supplemental budget to fix shortfall in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Understanding the Scorecard

The scorecard is meant to show the nuanced distinctions between legislators, not necessarily the history of a bill’s life or death. Each scorecard roll call was carefully picked and reviewed by MPA and its allies to demonstrate the definitive struggles within each bill. For example, while a bill may pass unanimously in the end, roll call votes on amendments prior may be a more genuine indicator of a legislator’s values. The roll calls represented in the scorecard are listed at the end of each bill description.

Community Values

Who is the Maine People’s Alliance?

2011 Scorecard

This scorecard of voting records of members of the 125th Maine Legislature showcases a sample of bills from across the issue areas that are most important to the members of the Maine People’s Alliance. Legislators’ overall percentage scores should give you a good sense of where they stand not just on the individual issues, but their fundamental values, including where they stand on community, investing in the future, fairness, equality, and justice for all Maine people.

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2011 Scorecard Bills

LD 1207: An Act To Amend the Labor Laws Relating to Certain Agricultural Employees

This bill was originally intended to remove minimum wage and overtime protections and the right of employees to bargain collectively at the DeCoster egg farm in Turner (the only facility in Maine that meets the law’s requirement of having more than 300,000 laying birds).