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Today, Mainers for Fair Wages submitted 75,000 verified signatures to the Maine Secretary of State to place an increase in the minimum wage on the November ballot, far more than the 61,123 required. Supporters marked the event with a rally in the State House Hall of Flags and remarks from more than a dozen Mainers from across the state, many of them making low wages themselves, who helped to collect the signatures.

Volunteers from Mainers for Fair Wages on Thursday kicked off Portland-area signature collection to place a minimum wage increase on the 2016 ballot.

Portland residents, low-wage workers and small business owners delivered stacks of postcard messages to City Council members today urging them to adopt the Mayor’s proposed ordinance to raise the minimum wage.

Local Business Owner Rebuffed at Town Hall

Members of the Maine Small Business Coalition (MSBC) have made their voices heard this year, both in the Maine Legislature and on several national issues and have experienced increasing success in countering the agenda of groups like the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Chambers of Commerce.