We Can't Win Without Your Story

This past spring, Governor LePage vetoed a bill to accept federal funds to provide 69,500 Mainers with health care coverage. We were just a few votes shy of being able to override the veto.

This January, we have another opportunity to accept this money and provide lifesaving coverage to our friends and neighbors.

In order to win this time, we need to hear from you. With your help, we can change the debate and win MaineCare expansion.

This shouldn't be a fight about dollars and cents; this is about Mainers struggling to get by without access to affordable health care. Are you one of the many people who would benefit from expanded health coverage? The legislature needs to hear from you.

MaineCare expansion
If you don't have health insurance (or are losing it because of recent cuts) and make less than $15,856/year on your own or $26,951/year for a family of three, then you likely qualify under the MaineCare expansion.
Tell us why you or someone you know would benefit from MaineCare expansion
Let us know who you are
MPA will not share your information publicly without your permission, but we may be in touch to talk with you a little more about your experience.