Understanding the Scorecard

The scorecard is meant to show the nuanced distinctions between legislators, not necessarily the history of a bill’s life or death. Each scorecard roll call was carefully picked and reviewed by MPA and its allies to demonstrate the definitive struggles within each bill. For example, while a bill may pass unanimously in the end, roll call votes on amendments prior may be a more genuine indicator of a legislator’s values. The roll calls represented in the scorecard are listed at the end of each bill description. Full-session percentages are calculated over the entire two years and aren’t simply an average of the two session scores.

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KEY to the Scorecard

“+” indicates a correct vote, in agreement with Maine values

“-” indicates an incorrect vote, not in agreement with Maine values

“X” indicates the legislator was absent for the vote. Absent votes are scored as wrong because the legislator, by his or her absence, did not act in support of Maine values

“E”indicates the legislator was excused from the vote due to conflict of interest, written medical excuse, or was away on official legislative business. Excused absences do not count against a legislator.

“\” indicates the legislator did not hold office at the time