Health Care Town Hall

On a telephone town hall forum on Thursday night, Congressman Mike Michaud joined more than 1,000 members and supporters of the Maine People's Alliance to answer questions about federal and state health care issues and discuss how everyday Mainers can get involved in the effort to accept federal funding in order to expand health care coverage in Maine.

Faces of MaineCare video series

Almost 70,000 Mainers are being denied access to life-saving health care by Governor LePage. Preventing access to health care could mean the difference between life and death for some Mainers. It shouldn’t be a political game. It’s time our elected officials got the message.

MPA has launched a video project to collect the health care stories of Mainers from across the state. The stories include:

State House Screenings Personalize Loss of Health Care

Four Mainers who are directly-affected by the delay in the acceptance of federal funding to maintain and expand MaineCare coverage were featured in short videos released today in a State House screening hosted by the Maine People's Alliance.

Report: MaineCare Expansion Will Create Living-Wage Jobs

Accepting federal funds to expand health care coverage will create thousands of economy-boosting, living wage jobs in Maine, according to a report released today by the Alliance for a Just Society and the Maine People's Alliance. The report comes as the Maine Legislature continues discussion on MaineCare expansion.

Faces of MaineCare - Thrown to the Wolves

Richard Holt, a lobsterman and scalloper from South Portland, lost his MaineCare at the beginning of January because Governor LePage refuses to accept federal health care dollars. Nagged by an injury he suffered years ago and exacerbated by the physical nature of his work, Richard wonders what he will do now that he is without health insurance.

Richard is just one of almost 70,000 Mainers who are being denied access to health care by Governor LePage. It's time for our legislators to make this right.

LePage Should Return Contribution from Troubled Rides Broker

The Maine People’s Alliance today called on Governor Paul LePage to return a contribution to his election campaign from Logisticare, the Atlanta-based private broker that was given a $5.1 million contract to handle the MaineCare rides program in York County in August of last year and has since been engulfed in controversy for missed rides, a breakdown of the volunteer system they were meant to manage and other serious complaints.

Mainers Rally For Health Care in Augusta

More than 200 Mainers, including many who have been personally affected by the state's failure to accept federal funding to expand health care coverage, gathered at the State House today for a rally and lobby day organized by the Maine People's Alliance.

Health Care First! Rally and Lobby Day

Yesterday over 350 MPA members and allies rallied in Augusta to demand that the legislature accept the federal funding and stop denying health care for 70,000 Mainers.

If you were able to come yesterday, thank you. Together we made our voices heard and legislators took notice.

Here are some photos from yesterday:

Faces of MaineCare - It saved our lives

Tom Benne and his wife Paula both needed critical medical care and were covered under their MaineCare. Now they're losing access to health care along with thousands of other Mainers because of Governor LePage.

In January we can make this right. Join MPA and our allies in Augusta on January 8th to tell our elected officials to put health care first and accept the federal funds to provide life-saving health care.


Health Care First!

Almost 70,000 Mainers are being denied access to life-saving health care by Governor LePage. On January 8th, our elected officials start a new legislative session, and their first priority should be reversing the Governor’s decision so thousands of Mainers can receive the health care coverage they so desperately need.

Join us on the opening day of the legislative session to tell our elected officials that access to health care needs to be their first priority.


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