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Michaud Best Hope to Replace LePage

Congressman Mike Michaud meeting with MPA board members this summerAs the 2014 campaign for Maine governor approaches, one question looms large in the minds of many members of the Maine People’s Alliance: How can we stop Governor Paul LePage?

Tell your legislator: Maine's children come first

Right now there is a common-sense bill, LD 1181, moving through the legislature that would require major food manufacturers to report their use of toxic BPA in products such as canned food. It’s time for the legislature to act and protect the health of our children. Use the contact tool below to let your legislators know that Maine’s children come first.

Dark Money for Dirty Energy

Mainers have a stake in their own energy future, and a right to know who is paying to influence state policies -- and why. In the last few years, we've seen an onslaught of attempts to weaken or diminsh smart environmental and energy policies. While Governor LePage has made this one of his leading policy fights, it's important to highlight the wealthy corporate interests backing his effort.

Some Success on Safer Chemicals, Environmental Protection

In first few months of 2012 the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine (ACHM), of which MPA is a proud member,  scored some remarkable victories to protect consumers from toxic chemicals. 

In the last legislative session, Maine's landmark Kid Safe Products Act (KSPA) faced a serious challenge with the introduction of an industry supported bill that would have gutted its most important provisions.  Instead, the almost unanimous passage of a compromise bill actually strengthened KSPA and became a signature success in a difficult legislative session.  

Keeping Maine Children Healthy and Safe

The beginning of 2012 presents a landscape filled with both challenges and opportunities for the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine (ACHM), of which MPA is a proud member. The Alliance hopes to build off of some significant victories achieved during the 2011 legislative session, to defend key environmental regulations that protect Maine and its citizens and to move forward with priority issues on both the state and federal level.  

Protecting Kids from Toxic Products

Successfully Defending Maine's Environment

This legislative session saw the onslaught of anti-environmental legislation that Governor LePage and conservative Republicans promised to advance as soon as they gained power last November. The chemical industry and other corporate special interests jumped on the opportunity to push for hundreds of bills that have been voted down in past legislatures. This alliance between ideological politicians and industry-funded lobbyists resulted in a massive assault on dozens of environmental protections, but Mainers rallied to oppose this assault in historic numbers.

Mercury Delay

The legal delays and stall tactics employed by Mallinckrodt continue to hold back cleanup progress at the HoltraChem site in Orrington. After almost a year, the company still has not complied with the final BEP order that requires them to remove two leaking landfills on the site, repair the remaining three, and begin the rest of the work needed to restore the site to a safe standard and stop mercury from leaking into the Penobscot River. The company’s current objections have taken two forms – stalling progress on site and filing a legal appeal.


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