Tell your representative: reject Gov. LePage's budget proposal

Gov. LePage's budget proposal would strip funding from our schools, shift more costs onto Maine communities, cut 20,000 low-income Mainers from health care, and take away assistance for Maine’s poorest children—all to fund a massive tax giveaway to the wealthy.

Earlier this month, Maine Democrats in the legislature stood up to LePage and released an alternative plan called the Opportunity Agenda. Their proposal rejects harmful cuts to anti-poverty programs, fully funds local education, invests in free community college, increases wages for workers and funds some treatment to address the opioid crisis. Most importantly, it rejects LePage’s tax cuts, ensuring the wealthy pay closer to their fair share, just like we voted for in November.

But Republican leaders have already threatened to shut down the government unless Democrats agree to overturn the will of the voters and repeal Question 2, the fair taxes and education funding referendum. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle need to hear from us right now. Please: contact your legislator using the form below. Tell them to stand for the will of the voters and against a massive new tax break for the wealthy: