Tell Bruce Poliquin: You're Fired

Rep. Poliquin voted for a health care plan that will take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions and take us back to a system where Mainers paid more for less coverage. His vote makes drastic cuts to Medicaid so that the wealthy can get a tax break. And it cuts funding for Planned Parenthood, meaning working mothers can’t get the reproductive health care they need.

No amount of spin from Poliquin will change the fact that he’s wildly out of step with what Mainers want. It’s time he hears from us that this vote will cost him his job.
Use the form below to send a pink slip to Rep. Poliquin and tell him he’s fired.
We'll deliver the messages on Wednesday, May 19th at noon. (Please join us for the delivery!)

Dear Rep. Poliquin: You're fired