Same Day Voter Registration

Same Day Voter Registration Democracy should be accessible to everyone, without unwarranted barriers to participation. Same day Voter Registration makes democracy more accessible and increases voter turnout.

The Problem 

Barriers to voting discriminate against new citizens, people of color, the elderly, and low-income Mainers.  At a time when corporations and wealthy individuals can influence politics with unprecedented ease, we should not make it harder for ordinary Mainers to vote.

Why Protect it

1.Maine has had same-day voter registration for almost 40 years, and it works well.  The state has one of the highest voter participation rates in the country, 3rd only behind Minnesota and Wisconsin, who both also have same day voter registration  

2.The people of Maine support same day voter registration.  In 2011, every county and over 90% of Maine towns voted to keep it in place.

3.Voting is a fundamental right, and we should not erect unnecessary barriers to participation.

Addressing Common Concerns

Since 1973 when Maine established same day voter registration, there have been only two cases of prosecuted election fraud.

The Maine Town and City Clerks Association testified against the elimination of same-day registration as did the majority of the people who participated in the public hearing.  

It is important to remember that many town offices in rural areas are sometimes only open for a few hours once a week.  Same day voter registration is an easy way to make sure local governments can best serve the members of their community.

Sources and Links to more information

•League of Women Voter’s testimony: