Referendum on the Freedom to Marry for Same-Sex Couples

This question on the November ballot would allow marriage licenses for same-sex couples and also protect religious freedom.

The Problem

There are thousands of same-sex couples in loving, committed relationships in Maine who want to get married. These couples seek marriage for the same reasons that straight couples do: to make a solemn vow of love and commitment. Currently, these couples are denied the freedom to marry.

Why Pass it

1.Same-sex couples and their families need and deserve the protections and responsibilities that come with marriage.

2.The institution of marriage is deeply important in our society, and to same-sex couples.  These loving, committed couples want to join this important institution.

3.Same-sex couples and their families face real harm—including undue financial hardship and painful difficulties when one partner dies—because they cannot marry.

Addressing Common Concerns

Many faith communities in Maine support same sex marriage.  Valuing freedom of religion means that clergy and religious institutions should be able to decide for themselves who can get married in their church.

In a democratic society, we don’t create separate and unequal institutions. That’s why civil unions are not an acceptable solution.  The word “marriage” means that you are a family, and same-sex couples and their families deserve the respect and protections that come with full and equal recognition.

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