Next Week

Next week, we anticipate that the Secretary of State will certify the signatures we've gathered for the People's Veto to protect voting rights. Together we will have officially gathered more valid signatures more quickly than has ever been done before by a grassroots campaign in Maine.

But this campaign is far from over and opponents of voting rights haven't been sitting on their hands.

While we've been gathering signatures and preparing for the campaign, they've launched a media blitz in local newspapers all over Maine.

Republican legislators who proposed and voted for the bill eliminating same-day voter registration have been flooding local papers with letters and opinion pieces defending their actions, attacking our coalition and minimizing your hard work.

Let's not let them get away with it. Click here to use this online form to quickly and easily send a letter to the editor to one of more than 70 Maine newspapers. We need to counter these smears and make sure Maine people know that...

  • Election Day registration has worked in Maine for more than 40 years. There's absolutely no reason to eliminate it.
  • Maine's town clerks association fought against eliminating Election Day registration because they don't want to deny people the right to vote.
  • Maine people all over the state have come together for this cause in a grassroots campaign that will be successful in restoring our rights.
  • Mainers should VOTE YES in November to protect voting rights

If you have a personal story of collecting signatures or of registering to vote on Election Day, now's the time to share it.

In her op-ed in the Forecaster, Rep. Heather Sirocki of Scarborough claimed that the huge groundswell of support for the People's Veto that we witnessed this summer never happened. She called the campaign just a bunch of "fringe left-wing groups."

In the SVWeekly, Rep. Pete Johnson, wrote that this wasn't a campaign of real people, just "the professional left."

In the Times Record, Rep. Dale Crafts went a step further, calling our coalition of volunteers not just "left-wing" but also "extreme."

There have been half a dozen more like this in local newspapers all over the state. They all use the same words and phrases and it's obvious they're part of a coordinated campaign. All of them attack our grassroots effort and most of them attack the Maine People's Alliance by name.

Let's fight back.

Use this form to quickly and easily send a letter to your local newspaper right now.

Thanks again for your work and your support. Together, we're going to win this.