MPA Releases Legislative Scorecard

Voting Records Show Values-Based Divisions On Key Issues

Today the Maine People's Alliance released their scorecard for the first session of the 126th Maine Legislature.

The Maine People's Alliance is committed to strong, progressive leadership on issues like access to affordable health care, public education and a state budget that protects the middle class and Maine's most vulnerable and ensures that corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share. Its members have a history of getting involved in policy debates and elections throughout the state.

The MPA Community Values scorecard is one of the oldest continually published measures of Legislative action in Maine. Each year, the Alliance evaluates legislators on votes based on their alignment with fundamental values, specifically support for communities, investment in the future, and fairness, equality and justice for all Maine people.

"This year's scorecard shows some deep partisan divisions on important issues, like accepting federal funds for MaineCare expansion, strengthening Maine's clean elections system and getting toxic chemicals out of children's products. These were exacerbated by the many vetoes of Governor LePage and Republican legislators switching their votes to side with the governor," said Maine People's Alliance communications director Mike Tipping. "While there are some exceptions, with legislators taking some brave votes in opposition to the Governor, comparing this scorecard to those of the last few decades show just how clear these divisions have become and highlights the hard right turn that has been taken by some segments of the Legislature since LePage became governor."

Legislative scores are determined by the percentage of votes legislators take on bills MPA supports or opposes. A vote against the values for which MPA stands or an absence on a roll call is counted against a legislator.

The scorecard is meant to show the nuanced distinctions between legislators, not necessarily the history of a bill’s life or death. Each scorecard roll call was carefully picked and reviewed by MPA to demonstrate the definitive struggles within each legislative process. For example, while a bill may pass unanimously in a final vote, roll call votes on amendments prior to passage may be a more genuine indicator of a legislator’s values.

The full scorecard can be found here: