Move Forward

MPA Endorses Michaud, Calls for Unity among Progressives

With the earliest gubernatorial endorsement in the organization’s history, the Maine People’s Alliance Campaign Vote! board has decided to back Congressman Mike Michaud in the 2014 gubernatorial election.
“We saw in 2010 what happens when the progressive community is divided. Paul LePage was elected and passed regressive policies that have been devastating for Maine people,” said MPA executive director Jesse Graham. “That’s why our board began their evaluation and endorsement process as soon as the candidates announced their intentions. In the end they decided it’s time to move forward, together, with Congressman Mike Michaud.”
MPA is Maine’s largest community action organization, with 32,000 members and a 30-year history of organizing for progressive change.
The MPA Campaign Vote! endorsement process includes questionnaires and in-person interviews with those seeking office. During the evaluation, clear differences emerged between the candidates for governor.
“When it came time to decide between Congressman Mike Michaud and Eliot Cutler, the choice was simple. On health care, the environment, education, equal rights and a fair economy, Michaud supports policies that will move us forward and has been a champion for regular Mainers. Where Cutler has taken a position at all, the policies he supports have often been more regressive, such as his opposition to raising the minimum wage,” said Graham.
MPA is offering a free bumper sticker to supporters with the slogan “Move forward” and an icon of a forklift lifting up the candidate’s name, together representing Michaud’s personal history and the promise of his candidacy. They are available here.