Call Rep. Poliquin and tell him to reject health care repeal

The Republican plan to repeal health care for millions of Americans is back. Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to ram his new bill through congress and wants to have a vote by the end of the week. The bill would force families to pay more for less health coverage while giving massive tax breaks to health insurance CEOs.

The last time Republicans tried to bring this plan to the House floor, Rep. Bruce Poliquin ducked his constituents and refused to say how he planned to vote. When it comes to the future of health care for Maine families, we deserve to know where he stands.

Call Rep. Poliquin today and tell him to reject health care repeal:

DC: (202) 225-6306

Bangor: (207) 942-0583

Lewiston: (207) 784-0768

Presque Isle: (207) 764-1968

The last time this bill came up for a vote, Rep. Poliquin’s office wasn't very responsive taking calls from constituents. Let us know if you are getting through to his office below:

Did you get through to Poliquin?