A Ballot Initiative to Strengthen Clean Elections

Maine was the first state to pass Clean Elections, a system of public financing for legislative and gubernatorial candidates, and for over 10 years the system has been a growing success with up to 80% of the legislature running ‘clean.’ Getting the money out of politics has continued to enjoy strong public support.

However, in recent years the law has been undermined by a Supreme Court ruling that gutted important parts of the Act. Lawmakers in Maine have not acted to repair this vital program, so MPA has endorsed an initiative launched by the Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) to do just that. The Clean Elections Initiative will:

  1. Strengthen Maine’s Clean Election Act: The courts and lawmakers have opened the door to big money in our elections by weakening Clean Elections. This initiative will restore and fully fund Maine’s Clean Elections law so everyone can be represented in our democracy – not just the wealthy.
  2.  Require Dark Money Groups to Disclose Top Donors: The initiative will require outside groups to list their top funders on political ads. That way Maine people will know who is trying to influence their vote.
  3.  Disclose Governor-Elect Fundraising: Under today’s law, an incoming governor can raise unlimited contributions from lobbyists and special interests to pay for inaugural parties and transition expenses with no public disclosure. The initiative will close this loophole and provide transparency to the activities of our top office holder.
  4. Increase Fines & Penalties for Campaign Finance Law Violations: To deter violations and increase accountability, the initiative calls for significantly higher penalties so that they are never considered a mere “cot of doing business.”
  5. Close a Corporate Tax Loophole: Everyday people can’t write massive campaign checks or hire high-priced lobbyists to get special tax breaks. To fully fund Clean Elections this initiative will close a wasteful corporate tax loophole.

 Throughout the summer and fall MCCE is looking for people to help collect signatures in their communities. Contact BJ McCollister at 831-MCCE (6223).