All Hands on Deck Rally

The clock is ticking for lawmakers to wrap up the legislative session before the end of the month and in the mad sprint to the finish line there are some very important bills that could be stuck in limbo or outright killed because of lack of funding. 

Whether it’s building more affordable housing, supporting family caregivers and direct care workers, or expanding access to health care for New Mainers, we can’t let lawmakers adjourn without funding important priorities to help our communities. 

Join us for an in-person rally and lobby day at the State House on Tuesday, June 8th, to tell legislators to invest in our communities and fund these bills. 

Some of the bills we’ll be advocating for include:

  • LD 17 to expand non-medical transportation services to seniors and Mainers with disabilities
  • LD 296 to create financial support for family caregivers
  • LD 718 to ensure our immigrant friends and neighbors can have access to health care
  • LD 1656 to invest in building more energy-efficient, affordable housing

The pandemic exposed the deep economic and racial disparities in our state and as we begin to recover, we need a new “normal”: One where we invest in building more resilient and caring communities where everyone has what they need and no one is left behind. 

There's no excuse for not funding these priorities. Legislators could use federal relief money or unrig our tax code and make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes to pay for it.

Legislators have an opportunity to take meaningful action that moves us in the right direction, but we have to push them across the finish line. Please join us on June 8th to help send that message.


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