2018 MPA Campaign Vote! Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate Information
Our Vision
Do you support the homecare referendum as it appears on the ballot this year?
Do you support a constitutional amendment guaranteeing ranked choice voting?
Do you oppose lowering the minimum wage (e.g. lower wages for young people,etc)?
Will you implement the Medicaid expansion referendum as passed by voters in 2017?
Do you support debt-free higher education at Maine’s public colleges and universities?
Do you support requiring all employers to provide paid sick days?
Do you support a ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure in Maine?
Do you support expanding access to substance use disorder treatment, modeled after Vermont’s “hub and spoke model” and including safe consumption spaces for people to use drugs?
Do you support fully funding the 2015 Clean Elections reform as passed by referendum?
Do you support taxing corporate income hidden in offshore tax havens?
Do you support requiring employers to consider a job applicant's qualifications before inquiring about past criminal convictions?
Do you support state funding for municipal immigrant welcome centers?
Additional Questions
What is the single most important challenge facing individuals and families in Maine?
In recent years, lawmakers have launched relentless attacks on our democratic process, from repealing citizen initiatives, like minimum wage and RCV, to throwing up barriers to qualifying for the ballot, like changes in notary laws and bureaucratic additions to the citizen initiative process. Please, tell us how you feel about the citizen initiative process and the obligation legislators have to respect the will of their constituents.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?